Automated People Mover- LAX

Automated People Mover- LAX

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Project Summary:

  • Netira Group together with Soteria has recently completed for LINXS/LAWA a Design-Build-Maintain-Operate Threat and Vulnerability Assessment for the LAX Automated People Mover (APM).
  • Together with traditional physical security risk analysis and mitigation work, Netira/Soteria APM risk analysis and mitigations was closely integrated with blast analysis by Hinman. The various risks to bomb threats and other attacks were assessed and mitigated using both structural hardening and operational measures along with design modifications including CPTED.
  • In addition, a complete cyber risk analysis of vital train control and other potentially vulnerable systems to cyber attack was conducted to mitigate against these unique threats.

Year:  2018-2019

Location:  Los Angeles, CA